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Located on The Gold Coast, QLD, AUS


My passion has always been visual storytelling, for me, shooting, producing, and editing were all the same thing, they were all just part of the process that allowed me to create visual stories. This has been an approach that I’ve carried through my career, and it's allowed me to work professionally on a range of exciting jobs in all three of those areas.

With over 15 years experience in the film & television industry, I’ve worked as a story producer, shooting producer and camera operator on shows such as Survivor, Ninja Warrior, The Voice, as well as on international documentaries and series for platforms such as Amazon, Paramount + and Disney +.

My mix of camera and producing experience has led me around the world working for major production companies as a solo shooting producer on a range of exciting productions. Everything from following some of the biggest sporting stars in the world, spending weeks in their homes filming  and interviewing them with their families, to spending two months in the back of an ambulance documenting paramedics and following them into real jobs.

As an editor I’ve worked on wide range of jobs from

documentaries and lifestyle TV through to editing prime time packages and promos for sporting events such as The Australian Open and The Winter Olympics.  

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